Hey you:)

I’m Ortal Sachs,

Product designer and the founder of Ortal Sachs Studio.


Ever since I was young I loved to imagine,

To invent stories and create worlds of my own.

I realise this ability today in my designs.

I am fascinated by the possibility of turning an idea or image

That pops into my head into a product,

And evoking an experience in the observer / user.

I strive to create an experience that will provoke,

Arouse interest, thought and activate the imagination.

My products come to life and look different from every angle.

Whether the product is decorative or functional,

During the initial design process,

I incorporate elements of surprise, curiosity, and illusion.

That reflected in the combination of materials and shape,

Which often leads me to research

In search of new materials and combinations of different techniques.

The ultimate goal is one- the unique experience of the users.

I'm a storyteller

I create images and stories in the space which my objects are placed and used.