Vivid collection //  RE-EDITION exhibition for Redesign Israel

Vivid collection // RE-EDITION exhibition for Redesign Israel

The vivid collection is a limited edition, specially designed for Re-Edition for redesign

The collection includes a lighting fixture and a flowerpot.

The lighting body consists of a trio of different but similar elements, which produce dynamic movement both in the dialogue created between themselves, and in the relationship between them and the space around them. The lighting body is a focus of interest even when it is off, thanks to its sculptural presence in the air

Through the use of technology and the design language, and following research and observation, the product as an "empty container" invites

Endless possibilities, and knows how to accept different roles and lifestyles. It follows that usability is the added value of

The object: This is first of all a sculpture, whose materiality and colors create an illusion of movement and form that changes accordingly

to the rays of light during the day or the angle from which it is viewed.


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